Energy Policy


Integrated specialized General Contracting Company W.L.L. (ISCCO) firmly believes that an effective and optimal sound Energy performance is key to ensure sustainable business in all its EPC, Maintenance, Refurbishment of Plant outage turnaround activities in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power & water industries. Thus it shall be considered as integral part in business decision making process that would be beneficial to all Company’s Stakeholders.

Hence, our Energy Policy objective as a minimum that we are committed to is as follows:

   > To achieve a long- term reduction in our energy consumption. We will adopt a multipronged approach to continually improve energy efficiency in all our processes that affect energy consumption and including improving energy control equipment and system requirements.

   > Establish a frame work for setting and reviewing our energy objectives and targets. This should ensure that necessary resources are allocated and information is available to encourage meeting the objectives. We will review the targets annually.

   > Set Energy performance indicators and establish a clear reporting structure with defined responsibilities for continual improvement.

   > Regularly monitor our energy consumption and produce an annual report. We will highlight different factors that are responsible for energy consumption; In addition we will aim to continually improve the existing monitoring system.

   > Ensure continual improvement on energy reduction by keeping informed the company’s staff, employees and stake holders.

   > Comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to organizations energy use, consumption and efficiency.

   > Supports the purchase of energy- efficient products and services and design for energy performance related to organization businesses.

   > The Energy policy will be available to the stakeholders, employees through our notice board and web page. The energy policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary.